who we are: jess dunlap (founder/chief maker/haver of arm)  photo by: hope hilton

The seed for Possumwood Arts was sown the night my mother fashioned a disposable paper cup into an armchair for one of my toys. Her inquisitiveness, ingenuity, and playfulness with her hands crafted a kind of magic before my eyes; it was a small moment but one that has stuck with me ever since.
The drive to find, make, and share a similar magic is what we aim to do here at Possumwood Arts.

The word “possumwood” is a colloquialism from the southern United States (where we are located) referring to the native American Persimmon tree. From the roots, bark, and wood to the flowers and seeds the persimmon has been thoroughly explored and crafted by centuries of makers.
For us this tree conjures up precisely what we strive for: responsibly and artfully using what’s at hand (or found and repurposed) to create something new, beautiful, and functional for our community. 

And drawing pictures is fun too.